Month: September 2013

Latinaje: Latin fusion at it’s best

I’m a huge fan of latin music, but some of the more traditional styles kind of leave me a bit cold. While I appreciate the music of some of the more recognizable guys out there like Paquito D’Rivera or Poncho Sanchez, even some of that makes me feel like I had to really grow up […]

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Virgil’s New Album

I just have to take a minute to mention one of the most brilliant fusion rock albums to have come out this year. Virgil Donati, one of my drumming heros since I started playing, released what is easily his best solo album a month or so ago. I’ve already worn this thing out. Not only […]

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New Website!

Welcome to the launch of my new website! If you saw my old site (ya probably didn’t), you’ll find this one to be a vast improvement. Please have a look around. I’ll be gradually making some improvements to the site when I can. I’m also looking forward to posting interesting drum-related news, videos, audio, techniques […]

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