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Meinl’s New Site is Sweeeeeeet

If you’re not a fan of Meinl cymbals, get on the train, will ya? They make some of the most unique, beautiful and affordable cymbals I’ve ever run across. I currently have this dark crash that’s cracked to shit, though is still somewhat usable somehow, as well as some secondary perma-closed dark hats (my apologies for not giving the exact cymbal name, etc). Anyway, not the point.

Meinl’s has done a much needed overhaul of their website, and it’s pretty awesome. Aside from the responsive news/video boxes floating around the front page (sounds horrible, but is actually very cool), they’ve created a video demo of literally every one of their cymbals.


Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 6.04.20 AM


Previously there was simply an audio-only demo for MOST cymbals. Now, not only can you hear it, but also see the cymbal being hit in various spots in glorious HD video. I love it and think they’ve done such a good job.

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