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Jason Lindner FTW

Even after about 1,000 listens (like I could even know that number), Jason Lindner’s “Now vs Now” remains one of those albums on my constant rotation. It defines the type of cerebral, time-bending and ballzy jazz fusion that I long to hear. Nearly every track had me questioning the meter, and I still listen and try to analyze, peeling back more and more layers. It’s fucking brilliant.

Furthermore, the drumming of Mark Guiliana is genius. I mean, the guy has played with Brad Mehldau and Avishai Cohen for christ’s sake. Then you have this other fucking guy, Panagiotis Andreou on bass, who clearly has a background in Indian music. I mean, come on. Everything I’ve come across from this core group (that is, from the album I’m referring to) constantly pushes the envelope.

Anyway, I ran across this video of the trio a while back and thought I’d share!

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