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Brian Bunker Trio Album Picked Up By Magnatune

Brian Bunker Album Cover2

In 2008 I did a fusiony record with Brian Bunker and Maurillo Mina, great players who I’ve worked with quite a bit in the past. We recorded it, played the material out a couple times, released the thing digitally and physically and nobody really payed attention. But I think we all expected that, and who can blame? There’s so much music out there, and as a band (or even individual musicians at this point) we have no real audience.

Anyway, recently it has come to my attention that a small online music label called Magnatune┬ápicked up the record and is currently selling it there. Magnatune features a ton of unique music, and as a subscriber you have access to download as you please. You can, however, listen for free. As of this posting, we’re currently featured on the “Popular Albums In All Genres” tab on the front page, which is hopeful. Magnatune also redid the artwork on the cover.

BB Trio Featured Magnatune




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