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Now Taking Students!

I’m happy to announce that I’m finally able to accept students in my little home studio!

I’ve been teaching drums for about 20 or so years, on and off. At one time I had more than 30 students during my stint as the drum instructor for Crossroads Music, a mid-sized music store in Monrovia, Ca. I’ve taught experienced and in-experienced drummers, both young and old, and have therefore developed methods of quickly improving the skills of my students across a wide spectrum of abilities. My studio features a dual student/teacher drum set-up, which I’ve found is most effective for communicating and demonstrating ideas during the course of a lesson. In addition, I have a large collection of books and DVDs that are a valuable resources in the process of teaching.

If you’re interested in rates, booking a lesson, or just have general questions, please email me at danielgfritz@gmail.com.