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Gergo Borlai is God

If you don’t know this guy, get with it. Gergo and whoever he surrounds himself with require your utmost attention. Technique, musicality, style, creativity….he’s really the guy to watch right now as far as I’m concerned. Shove your Danny Careys up your ass.  

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Jason Lindner FTW

Even after about 1,000 listens (like I could even know that number), Jason Lindner’s “Now vs Now” remains one of those albums on my constant rotation. It defines the type of cerebral, time-bending and ballzy jazz fusion that I long to hear. Nearly every track had me questioning the meter, and I still listen and […]

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Meinl’s New Site is Sweeeeeeet

If you’re not a fan of Meinl cymbals, get on the train, will ya? They make some of the most unique, beautiful and affordable cymbals I’ve ever run across. I currently have this dark crash that’s cracked to shit, though is still somewhat usable somehow, as well as some secondary perma-closed dark hats (my apologies […]

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Latinaje: Latin fusion at it’s best

I’m a huge fan of latin music, but some of the more traditional styles kind of leave me a bit cold. While I appreciate the music of some of the more recognizable guys out there like Paquito D’Rivera or Poncho Sanchez, even some of that makes me feel like I had to really grow up […]

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Virgil’s New Album

I just have to take a minute to mention one of the most brilliant fusion rock albums to have come out this year. Virgil Donati, one of my drumming heros since I started playing, released what is easily his best solo album a month or so ago. I’ve already worn this thing out. Not only […]

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